Xinyi Liu (Luna): Supermarket Wanders | 16 March – 2 April

Artist’s Statement
The moment when I look at a green chilli in the supermarket, it transforms, from an ordinary vegetable to something very curious and captivating. That moment of encounter and transformation is where this body of work starts. It is very much about wandering, mentally and physically, intuitive decisions, and chance.
The subjects of this series of drawings are all based on the fruits and vegetables I found interesting during my “supermarket wanders”. When making works, I am always more drawn to non-human subjects. They are less confronting and very generous. Unlike humans, they allow us to look directly, curiously, and sometimes even obsessively. And responding to our gaze, they also look back, inviting us to wonder, and imagine. Through such an exchange of gaze, submerged, sometimes ineffable feelings and thoughts get to the surface, and when they do, I try to capture them through drawing.
The reason why I go on such wanders and make works this way is very much like the Dadaists and Surrealists. While society stresses us very much to understand through logic and to justify with reasons, I think the unconscious and illogical are often overlooked. Thus, instead of making a statement and conveying a certain meaning through my works, I want my images to be very open. I hope people can look at my drawings not with logical minds nor through analytical lenses, but with their hearts, and through curious and naïve eyes.

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