Expression landscape: Davied Farries | 4-21 May 2022, G2

Artist’s Statement
Can the term “Expression” be associated with my landscape collages and bird sculptures? Generally, in art theory, a term reserved only for figurative art. Figurative art is art about humans, a figure. Or a term associated with Abstract Expressionism. So what is this exhibition about. Well, when I create a Landscape collage or bird sculpture, I am expressing myself. I look into the sky, and I feel happy, and I want to convey this feeling. I love the beauty of birds and express this feeling in my sculpture. Monet applied the term “Impression” to his pivotal piece “Impression Sunrise” in French Impressionism. So coming forward with this idea in mind, I apply the word “Expression” as the first word in every piece’s title, for example, “Expression Lavender Sky” The lavender sky is how I see it, as different to someone else it’s my own expression. My landscape collages are about shape, colour, composition and beauty. The bird sculptures are about form, colour and beauty.
I finish with this. Landscape; Creating a ‘Space’ in NATURE to go into when viewing the piece.

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