Behold Me: Holly Gregory | 25 May - 10 June | G1

Exhibition Statement

An unfolding love-story revealed through a poetic narrative of personal writings and unique hand raised copper vessels.

Exploring romance, aesthetic pleasure and the singular beauty of form, each inspired work reflects upon the intimate relationship that forever exists between artist and conceived object.

Influenced by John Keats’ lauded romantic poem, Ode to a Grecian Urn (1820), ‘Behold Me’ reflects the inherent themes of revelation and delight aligned to a sense of secret knowledge, hidden meanings, and unadorned beauty, paradoxically contained within seemingly simple, yet unfathomable vessels
of significance.

Each auratic object created specifically for ‘Behold Me’ embodies personal histories and contains the enduring elements of love, labour, beauty and truth. Which through a channel of poems and personal writings, gives viewers an opportunity to explore the quiet elements that are hidden and concealed beneath the silent, tactile, exterior surfaces of the vessel.

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