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"Historical events have other things to say. Nothing can portray our sad star. Emotions, form from point to point on an unstable level, their truth or falsehood depends on the mood we are in, silence is the worse color and oblivion is the worst of all! I was in love with Cervantes, and Don Quixote was all my color. A cup of tea till midnight, I think about the power and belongings of others, about a crossroads, a stain of color that can write my poetry. How clamorous it would be! The sound of Sparrow’s footsteps by that alley. I have made up my mind, I belong to the same memories." Ahmad Nasrollahi
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"Ahmad Nasrollahi is one of Iran's most influential painters. His work has been exhibited and sold internationally. His work is innovative in technique and content. Subtly drawing Iranian legends, archetypes, and ancient visual motifs into contemporary life, Nasrollahi's work is often concerned with profound psychological questions. The role of tradition in identity formation, the borders between the material and the spiritual, and the mixing of belief and logic have consistently figured out as themes in his paintings.
Nasrollahi considers himself a self-taught painter. He cannot, however, be classified 'naïve' or 'primitive'. From early on he enjoyed the friendship and guidance of some of Iran's best artists, and his work found its place among reputable collections. But perhaps his upbringing as a peasant, his profession as a school teacher, and his mistrust of the academic approach to painting has equipped him with the type of courage that is usually associated with 'primitive' painters. The difference is that unlike the 'naïve' tendency to remain satisfied with a small and hard-won set of technical solutions, Nasrollahi has always shown a willingness to discard his old solutions for new ones. Still, somehow, his personal style remains recognisable through this wild experimentation." The Guardian


Artist Bio

-1951 Born in Iran- Babol

More than 100 solo and group exhibitions in the Seyhoun Gallery (Iran-Tehran), Contemporary Art Museum (Iran-Tehran), Niavaran Palace-Museum (Iran-Tehran), Sa’daabad Palace-Museum (Iran-Tehran), Peace in Frame Exhibition, international peace gallery red crescent society, Tehran, Iran (Granted The Dove Of Peace Symbol By Red Crescent).

(1993) International Art Exhibition, Florence
(1997) International Art Exhibition, Beijing; International Art Exhibition, Paris
(1998) International Art Exhibition, Venice
(2001) Exhibition of Art in Museum of Lithon House, London
(2004) International Art Exhibition, Switzerland; 3rd Art Exhibition of Islamic World, Iran Academy of Art, Tehran, Honor Plate as a Selected Artist
(2006) International Art Exhibition, Beijing
(2007) Participation in Christy’s Winter Auction, Dubai
(2009) Art Exhibition, Belarus
(2015) "TIME TO TALK" 100 contemporary artists from Iran. Art Exhibition in Satura art Gallery, Genoa, Italy 11th International Art Fair in Switzerland with 28 works selected from the works of Association of Iranian Painters.
(2018) "An Abstract Trail. FROM ALBORZ TO ARAVALI" Sepand Painters Group. Art Exhibition in Samanvai art Gallery, Jaipur, India

Other Activities
- 1974-2004 Instructor of the Ministry of Education
- 1978-1984 Supervisor of Free Painter’s Group
- 1978-Present Management of Blue Visual Studio (Later Blue Gallery)
- Curator of Art Exhibitions in Blue Gallery
- Teaching Painting to Children and Teenagers
- Publishing Several Articles and Lectures on Children’s Art
- 2005 Jury of 1st Iranian Sand Sculptures Festival (Babolsar, Caspian Seacoast)
- 2006 Jury of 1st Iranian Design Festival (Tehran, Sandozy Museum)
-2018 Festival Director of the 5th National Festival of Iran’s Self-Taught Artists (Babol, Museum house of Mokarrameh)
- Honorary Member of Association of Iranian Painters (Mem No: 8727)