Nature Rendered Permanent
Featuring artists:
Fiona O’Byrne, Tim Murphy, Lana Daubermann

We are a trio of contemporary Melbourne painters strongly influenced by the style of tonal impressionist and realist painting. This body of work reflects these styles and our interpretations of still ‘life’. Particularly still life that depicts living things from a familiar world – fresh produce, fresh flowers and plants. Our hope is to celebrate the everyday and create something beautiful that people will want to look at. Something that will bring them joy.
Tim Murphy’s quirky compositions are an unusual medley of everyday objects painted in a classic style. Fiona O’Byrne brings a fresh lightness not so common to traditional tonal painting, while Lana Daubermann’s brushstrokes are a little bolder and more lively than what might be expected. But underlying all our works is a solid tonal understanding and the strong influence of the talented teachers from the Victorian Artists Society.
Although our work all has its own individual energy and style, we all share an enthusiasm for transforming everyday subjects such as plants and produce into expressions of creative freedom. This group exhibition is a celebration of things real to us, things intimate, natural and close at hand.
Fiona O’Byrne, Tim Murphy, and Lana Daubermann