Tamara Jordan

Fears of Enchantment

The images of Tamara’s artwork are inspired by the exploration of the inner wisdom and meaning of traditional narratives such as folk and fairytales. This exhibition will reflect on different psychoanalytical and philosophical interpretations, specifically focusing on the role of the female protagonists in the tales.
Tamara’s work also explores folklore as archetypal expressions of subconscious fears and suppressed desires. As a result, her delicately rendered ink and pen drawings are often rather dreamlike: blending an ensemble of different fragments together, incorporating metaphors and emphasizing the poetry of the image while exploring states of the deeper consciousness.

Dr Tamara Jordan

Dr Tamara Jordan is a Melbourne-based German visual artist; multi media design lecturer and researcher.
Since graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund (Germany) with a Bachelors degree in visual communication, Tamara has applied her creative skills across a wide range of projects, from fine art, illustration and conceptual design to animated film and video production.
After the successful completion of her PhD in 2011 at the Monash University in Melbourne Tamara became a lecturer and researcher at the University’s Department of Art Design and Architecture. Her research work investigates the nature of traditional narratives such as folk and fairy tales in a trans-cultural context and focuses on their modern adaptations in visual and motion arts.
Tamara’s studio practice is driven by a great passion for visual storytelling and her distinctive and illustrative imagery is often inspired by her investigations of ancient stories, myths, and folktales. Her surreal ink drawings and paper cut designs attempt to explore the inner wisdom and meaning of the narratives, which point to social conflicts through imaginative symbols.