In Duplicity, Holger Li explores the contrasts within the subconscious mind through the medium of paint. The works deliberately avoid preconceived images and instead are manifestations of abstraction and colour. Each individual piece begins with experimentation and spontaneity – in other words forcing of the subconscious mind to lead the body and brush. Canvases will typically be worked on for weeks or months before an image appears from the resulting shapes or patterns. Once an image appears the conscious mind takes over and develops the piece to completion. Completion ranges from an abstruse colour palette to a figurative composition. The duplicity is within us all. It is the double life we lead on a daily basis, through our work, use of social media, and more commonly within our own mind.

Lisa Kalker, Curator

Holger Li is an emerging Danish artist living and working in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Duplicity represents the first public showing of his work in Australia.