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Current Exhibition

The Hadzabe of Tanzania
Guy Needham


Thursday, 6 May 6:30-8:30 pm

All Welcome.

The Hadzabe of Tanzania
The Hadzabe tribe in northern Tanzania are considered Africa’s last true hunter-gatherers. They are a tribe so old that National Geographic calls them “the closest living relatives of the humans who first left Africa”. In the dry season of 2018 photographer Guy Needham spent time with them, and this exhibition is a testament to their subsistence way of living.
The Hadzabe of Tanzania is the fifth in his tribal series, contributing to a wider body of work that provides a sharp contrast to Western society’s preoccupation with ‘insta’ and ‘more’. It is designed to self-question what we prioritize and value in our consumption-driven lives.

Nick Heynsbergh


Thursday, 6 May 6:30-8:30 pm

All Welcome.

This body of work focuses on experiences that have contributed to my understanding and acceptance of my queer identity. Each work is a personal meditation on a particular experience, the associated memories and the site that it occurred. The titles of each work reflect on these memories with the humour of hindsight, encouraging viewers to engage with highly personal LGBTIQA+ experiences and perspectives. Though each image is individually significant, collectively, the streets, alleys, and buildings in my work are intended to allude to a series of paths within a dimly lit maze. By situating and framing my personal history within a labyrinth of sorts, I aim to subvert the social, structural and political mazes that have been imposed on the queer community by those in power.

Forthcoming Exhibitions

People Places Patterns
Studio 4 Artists Inc

Janette Bird, Marian Blank, Sharman Feinberg, Inga Harper, Tricia Hunt, Anne King, Peter Sank, Esther Schouten, Bee Lee Thia

26 May – 12  June 2021

Thursday, 27 May 6:30-8:30 pm

All Welcome.

Exhibition catalogue coming soon.

Studio 4 Artists Inc – Artists’ Statement
Studio 4 Artists Inc was established as a support group for local artists who would be mostly working in isolation. They communicate regularly and each fortnight meet together for life-drawing sessions at Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery in Ringwood.
The group has been exhibiting together for ten years. In previous years, the exhibitions have been centered exclusively around the figure.
This time they are exhibiting works exploring the theme of:
People Places Patterns
Each artist has personalised the theme and translated their ideas into their artworks.
People who are ordinary, special, family or friends, people of different ethnicities from other countries; Places or spaces that are special, private, exotic, familiar, or well known; Patterns that unite, cover, mark or decorate. These chosen themes have inspired Studio 4 Artists to create their best work.
All artists have unique approaches and interpretations of this theme, their styles and art mediums are diverse and include painting, drawing and sculpture.

Paint and Sip Studio

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