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Current Exhibition

House or Home

Andrea Kirkham-Hopgood

The exhibition runs until 13 March at 3 pm.

Next Exhibitions

Ahmad Nasrollahi’s
Haji Firouzes

Thursday, 18 March  6:30-8:30 pm

All Welcome.

Coming soon!

“Ahmad Nasrollahi is one of Iran’s most influential painters. His work has been exhibited and sold internationally. His work is innovative in technique and content. Subtly drawing Iranian legends, archetypes, and ancient visual motifs into contemporary life, Nasrollahi’s work is often concerned with profound psychological questions. The role of tradition in identity formation, the borders between the material and the spiritual, and the mixing of belief and logic have consistently figured out as athemes in his paintings.

Nasrollahi considers himself a self-taught painter. He cannot, however, be classified ‘naïve’ or ‘primitive’. From early on he enjoyed the friendship and guidance of some of Iran’s best artists, and his work found its place among reputable collections. But perhaps his upbringing as a peasant, his profession as a school teacher, and his mistrust of the academic approach to painting has equipped him with the type of courage that is usually associated with ‘primitive’ painters. The difference is that unlike the ‘naïve’ tendency to remain satisfied with a small and hard-won set of technical solutions, Nasrollahi has always shown a willingness to discard his old solutions for new ones. Still, somehow, his personal style remains recognisable through this wild experimentation.” The Guardian

art exhibition in Melbourne

The Hadzabe of Tanzania

Guy Needham



Please stay tuned for the dates.

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To keep all visitors, and our team safe, the gallery will be strictly observing social distancing, and hygiene protocol at all time. Visitor registration will be mandatory upon entry.

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